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How Clinical Rx® is Making Supervision Easier for PCNs

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How important is clinical supervision to us here at Clinical Rx?

Well, we believe that a valued and supported team will ultimately produce the best quality work. Therefore, regular and individualised supervision is one of our top priorities. Our services range from medication reviews, medicines management, prescribing support, chronic disease management.

We are committed to providing high-quality, cost-effective, and patient-centred care to all our clients. Supervision of Pharmacists can often be time-consuming, especially during a busy day. However, because supervision and training of Pharmacists is one of our core beliefs and values – it plays a major role in the workday.

At Clinical Rx®, we believe in ongoing, constant senior supervision. This is so that Pharmacists can grow and mature in their role.

We believe that pharmacist-led clinical services play a vital role in improving patient care and supporting healthcare professionals to provide safe and effective treatment. In addition, our team of Clinical Pharmacists are trained to work with a variety of patients’ needs and conditions.

Overall, our team of Clinical Pharmacists provide high-quality, personalised care to every patient we work with. We are committed to ongoing training and development of our pharmacists, to ensure we are continually improving our skills and knowledge, and to providing the best possible care for patients.

The Chief Pharmaceutical Officers in the UK have noted the importance of Pharmacists feeling supported at work, as this contributes to the well-being of pharmacy professionals.

Pharmacists often work alone, having to think as an individual and remote conditions can contribute to feeling alone. Other organisations are likely to have an initial training process, however, at Clinical Rx®, we believe in ongoing, constant senior supervision. This is so that Pharmacists can grow and mature in their roles to eventually become senior Pharmacists, who can mentor and supervise others.

Furthermore, we embrace Pharmacists who have made a transition from other areas of pharmacy, including community and hospital pharmacy. Ultimately, the supervision process also helps Pharmacists who may be feeling overwhelmed or need help adapting to a new area of Pharmacy.

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Our supervision process is very thorough, and we use technology to provide support. Our senior Pharmacists are dedicated to answering the queries of the less experienced Pharmacists. This is beneficial as the support system is still very much felt, without the need to work together physically. Feedback to junior Pharmacists is provided frequently on an ongoing basis.

At Clinical Rx®, we take supervision a step further because we believe that the aim of clinical supervision is not only to answer queries but also to build confidence and sharpen the critical thinking of our pharmacists, rather than just doing the work for them. Queries are often processed with options explored, allowing the Junior Pharmacists to think through the query with the guidance of a Senior Pharmacist, ending up at a conclusion that is patient-focused.

In conclusion, our team of Pharmacists go through internal training to ensure that they are fully capable of completing tasks. We have a knowledgeable and dedicated senior clinical support team who are always available to provide training and ongoing support to the wider team. We believe this level of supervision is not only vital for patient care but also for the professional development of our pharmacists. 

We are always looking to help individuals flourish in their careers. Get in touch to see how we can accommodate you in our friendly and vibrant team!

For more information, please visit our careers section of the website and contact hello@clinicalrx.co.uk

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