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Optimise your ARRS Funding - We Work Nationwide
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NHS Backlog - A Roadmap to Recovery

Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork and administrative tasks in your general practice? If so, you’re not alone. The National Health Service is facing a growing backlog of clinical tasks, which is putting a strain on GPs and their staff.

Clinical Rx® Backlog Support services for NHS organisations, primary care networks and individual practices, is a new solution that can help you reduce your GP workload and streamline your operations. Our team of Clinicians on average save GP’s and their teams 5 hours a day of medication related tasks freeing you up to focus on patient care.

With Clinical Rx® team, you can; eliminate mountains of paperwork, improve patient care, increase efficiency, save time and money. If you’re ready to say goodbye to the paperwork and hello to efficient healthcare management, contact us today to learn more about our backlog support services.

Let’s work together to reduce backlog and improve patient care. By prioritising care over paperwork, we can create a more productive and stress-free healthcare environment for everyone.

Backlog Blues: A Crisis in Need of a Solution

The number of people waiting for treatment in England now stands at more than 7 million and this is expected to continue rising. The NHS faces increasing pressure as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, workforce crisis and underfunding. Practice teams are working tirelessly to add capacity to see patients who are now coming forward to seek care in the aftermath of the pandemic. As a result of this, routine tasks such as medication reviews, discharge letter reconciliation, audits and drug monitoring have had to take a back seat whilst GP’s and their teams focus on acute and immediate patient needs, referrals, increasing capacity and reducing waiting times.

Long-term undervaluing of NHS staff and underfunding are also major contributing factors as to why this backlog continues to grow. Accessible funding to obtain additional resources can be a major challenge for primary care networks and individual practices.

Clinical Pharmacists: The Unsung Heroes of the NHS

The BMA has called for an increase in the number of clinical pharmacists in the NHS and over £100 million was said to be used by the government to support more Clinical Pharmacists working in general practice, by 2023/2024. However due to the unprecedented workforce crisis recruitment and retainment challenges are the main contributing factors to NHS backlog.

Primary care networks and general practices are being urged to utilise funding available under the additional roles reimbursement scheme (ARRS) to recruit Clinical Pharmacists however retainment and supervision remains an issue. Pharmacists are clinical experts who already undertake a wide range of roles, from advising patients on how to take medication and managing repeat prescriptions and carrying out medication reviews. This would free up GPs’ time to focus on patients with more complex needs and improve access to primary care for those who need it most.

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Clinical Rx® - The Difference Between Good and Great

We recruit, train and supervise a full GP pharmacy team to tackle all areas of backlog and can continue to provide support. Our services are fully managed, cost-effective remote solutions to tackle your backlog needs.

At Clinical Rx, our flexible, remote support projects can be fully tailored to address multiple areas of backlog. We work with you to prioritise workflow and provide continual feedback. We pride ourselves in provided daily supervision and continuous training delivered by our senior clinicians. We are not only dedicated to ongoing support of Pharmacists but to efficient workflow management for your primary care network and practice.

The Clinical Rx team can also provide training and education to general practice staff on a range of topics, such as medication optimisation, medication management, pharmacy public health promotions such as antimicrobial stewardship and mental health support for patients and colleagues alike.

Clinical Pharmacists: The Key to a more Efficient NHS

Our backlog support service helps with short term or long-term backlog needs. Our team are invested in delivering the plan to tackle the backlog of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our clinicians are trained across a multitude of therapy areas and can support the management of patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma, and backlog management. This can help to prevent complications and improve patient outcomes. Our services include but are not limited to prescription management, medication reviews, medication reconciliation, drug monitoring, medicines optimisation and more.

Take advantage of our prescription management service. All prescription related workflow and medication queries are sent to our pharmacy team. We filter through the requests, arrange monitoring, review those needed and ensure safer prescribing. Our team are especially trained to integrate non-medical healthcare advice around diet, lifestyle and wellbeing during every consultation.

Clinical Rx® Pharmacists specialise in a wide range of therapeutic areas including Mental Health, Asthma, COPD, cardiovascular reviews (including AF and Heart failure) plus many more. Where there is a backlog of medication reviews or annual long-term condition reviews, we can provide a clinical solution to be delivered rapidly. We work systematically and efficiently through patient lists to ensure correct clinical coding to boost practice income and ensure CQC inspection compliance.

Delays in transfer of care from secondary care or A&E is dramatically adding to NHS backlog. The Clinical Rx team have robust systems in place to filter through discharge letters, make medication changes and action recommendations to reduce the risk of medication related discrepancies and re-hospitalisation.

Medication reconciliation must be carried out by appropriately trained clinicians, in most cases GPs are taking on this burden. Delegating this workload to our Clinical Rx® team can drastically reduce GP workload, medication related errors in turn improving drug safety and patient outcomes.

Medication optimisation is an integral component of patient care, ensuring patients are on the right treatment, dose and formulation is key to enhancing patient outcomes and better disease management. Our team are specialists in medication management and optimising patient care. Let us align, synchronise, and optimise your patient’s medication management to reduce medication related tasks, improve medicines compliance and improve prescribing safety.

Streamline your healthcare operations and reduce GP workload with our Backlog Support services for PCNs and General practices. If there is a pharmacy team in place, we can add value where needed. Clinical Rx® offers a pharmacist-led remote primary care support service. Our mission is to support eliminate primary care backlog and support GP practices by offering high-quality clinical services, which are tailored to meet the needs of your organisation.

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